Waist Bead Instructions

If possible, use measuring tape to measure your waist or the area you want the beads to rest. Sting/thread length of the waist beads are in inches, so use inches to get your measurement.

When measuring your waist, your body should be relaxed. Do not suck in your stomach. 

If you don't have measuring tape, try using a piece of string and measuring the size with a ruler. 

All beads come in the length between 45-50 inches. If you have a smaller waist, you will have no problem adjusting the length. Please be sure to carefully cut the string. You should have a container or bag to place the excess beads in. Do not remove the beads until you are satisfied with the placement around your waist. You should be able to slide the beads off until you reach you desired length. Wrap the beads around your waist and tie. Cut off the excess string. Be careful not to cut the knot. 

Women's bodies come in different shapes and sizes. To give you an idea on measurements, I weigh about 230lbs, wear between sizes 16/18, carried 3 children, and about 5'0"-5'2" in height. My waist measurement is between a 42-44 inches.

Most importantly, don't forget you are wearing the beads. Roughly pulling on the beads will cause the string to break.