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Waist Beads

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Tie-on glass beads on cotton/polyester thread. All waist beads are 45 to 50 inches in length. If you have a smaller waist, you will be able to adjust the beads to fit you just right. The essence of these waist beads are to be worn daily, without taking them off. All waist beads were handmade in Ghana, West Africa. Purchase of waist beads supports a small business in Ghana. African waist beads are a symbol of femininity, fertility, sensuality, and spiritual well-being. Also, waist beads can be used as a weight loss management accessory (If you lose weight, the beads will drop. If you gain weight, the beads will become tighter). It is recommended that you measure your waist before ordering to ensure your measurement is within 50inches. See "Waist Bead Instruction" Page. *Waist beads last only for a limited time.